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Sump Soda Coolant Additive

Coolant Additive, Sump Soda

Sump Soda Coolant Additive & Refresher eliminates foul odors.

Bacteria and fungi in your coolants thrive in warm temperatures, causing foul odors, reducing CNC coolant life, contaminating coolant and creating health concerns (dermatitis).   Sump Soda™ Coolant Conditioner is a simple, convenient, professional strength tank-side additive for fresher, cleaner smelling and much longer-lasting, CNC coolants.

Eliminates foul odors and smells on you and your clothes
Extends coolant life up to 3x versus unmanaged sumps
Fights existing bugs and molds
Prevents health issues, such as dermatitis!Compatible with all major metalworking fluids:  Castrol, DA Stuart, Fuchs, ChemTool, Quaker, Houghton, Master, AW Chesterton, DoAll, ITW Fluids, Milacron, Hangsterfer's & others.