Bug Check BF

Bug Check BF, the simple easy-to-use bacteria test kit for counting total bacteria and fungi in all water-based fluids.  For over 90% of users this is the right test.

Used in:  metalworking fluids, CNC coolants, latex and latex emulsions, e-coat paint systems, cooling water, industrial wash waters, turbine oils, hydraulic fluids, foundry washes, etc.

Bug Check FC and AB

Bacteria Tests for hydrocarbon-based fluids, such as diesel, gasoline, hydraulic fluids and similar low-water-content or water-contaminated fluids.

Bug Check offers two choices Bug Check FC or Bug Check AB. 

Bug Check FC checks for both bacteria and fungi/mold. Bug Check AB checks for bacteria only. 

Hydrocarbon based-fluids are susceptible to microbial contamination. It only takes a trace amount of water for bugs to grow. Even condensation on tanks walls is enough. Bugs (bacteria, fungi, algae, yeast and mold) grow in diesel fuel, gasoline, solvents and other similar low-water-content fluids. The use of Bug Check® FC and AB are a simple, easy, yet scientific way to determine contamination levels.

Bacteria Test, Bug Check BF
Bacteria Test, Bug Check SRB
Bacteria Test, Bug Check AB

Bug Check SRB

Bacteria test kit used to count sulfate-reducing bacteria (anaerobic bacteria) typically found in stagnant fluids with low levels of oxygen. Also used in water-contaminated petroleum products and fracking fluids. Typical symptom: rotten-egg odor.

Anaerobic or sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) organisms grow best in the absence of free oxygen and are responsible for corrosion of metals and pitting of concrete as well as objectionable hydrogen sulfide odors (rotten egg smell).

Bacteria Test, Bug Check FC

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