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Bug Check Bacteria Tests for Industrial fluids

Bacteria Test, Bug Check SRB
Oil and gas tools
Bacteria Test, Bug Check AB

Sump Soda Coolant Refresher

Coolant Additive for the Metalworking Industry. 

E-coat fluid tests

Since 1981 Avalon International has offered the Bug Check line of  industrial bacteria test kits.  Each bacteria test kit is hand inspected prior to shipment.  All our bacteria test kits are 100% guaranteed.

Our bacteria test kits are simple, easy-to-use and are self-contained. Bug Check® bacteria tests provide a simple, scientific way to monitor microbial contamination in industrial processes. Regular testing allows corrective action that eliminates harm to your products, lessens equipment downtime and prevents employee health issues.

Plus, we supply Sump Soda coolant additive for the metalworking industry. Sump Soda extends coolant life, checks bacteria growth and eradicates foul odor.

Bug Check® bacteria tests provide a simple, scientific way to monitor the level of contamination at your site, saving you money and time, so you can take action before it's too late.

>Simple                      >Quick                       >Easy-to-Use                       >Self-Contained 


Bacteria Test, Bug Check FC
Bug Check BF, FC, AB, SRB
Coolant Additive, Sump Soda
Various paints and coatings
Bacteria Test, Bug Check BF
CNC Milling cooling fluid


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